ITBC Process Analysis and Development Project

Published: March 29th, 2013

Category: BC Updates

In November, 2011 the ITBC initiated a Process Analysis and Development project.  The project scope was to apply Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to the services delivered by the ITBC.

This business management strategy was applied to improve existing processes and developed new processes using the following steps:

  • Identify and document the BC processes.
  • Identify potential improvements based on needs and UF policies.
  • Optimize and redesign the processes using the BPR methodology.
  • Produce/design all supporting resources (Human Resource forms (Hire and Posting) , Travel (TA) and Travel Expenses forms, Procurement, PCard and Employee Reimbursement forms, IT unit entry and exit employee checklists, DSA role request form, BC Organization charts, diagrams and process descriptions for each service).
  • Create and execute a communications plan to increase awareness of new service improvements (design, produce and write the BC site content, announcements, reports, proposals)
  • Identify, analyze and develop new processes where needed.
  • Create operational guidelines.
  • Develop performance metrics.
  • Identify metrics, select data collection frequency and mechanisms (survey, interviews, software tracking, etc.)
  • Create Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Evaluate and modify services as needed.

ITBC leads and manages functional services which support to UFIT Units.  In addition, the BC manages finances and accounting for multiple UFIT auxiliary operations that provide services to UF community.

Team involved in this project:

  • Project Champion: Bonnie Cauthon
  • Project Manager and Developer: Susana Sepulveda
  • Internal Collaborators:
    • Sara Arrighi
    • Marie Willey
    • Theresa Foley
    • Liz Villardefrancos
    • Liz Reed
    • Patricia Durant
  • External Collaborators:
    • Amalia Shortsleeve, AT Associate Director
    • Mark McCallister, AT Associate Director
  • Implementation/maintenance  team
    • Kim Standifer, AT Web Services Manager
    • Bash Choudhry
    • Erika Tompkins

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