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IT Workforce Academy

As an organization, we strive for our staff to exhibit excellent university and community citizenship in all professional and personal interactions by embodying the core values of UFIT.

Citizenship - Teamwork - Competency

Organizational Responsiveness - Innovation and Efficiency

The IT Workforce Academy was carefully designed with the goal of creating a solid framework of training platforms and elevated support to help all UFIT employees achieve greatness at any level.

By approaching professional development from the perspectives of Interpersonal and Leadership, Business Acumen, and Technical Learning, we are committed to growing our staff to serve the University of Florida in the best manner possible.


Training Participant

"For someone like me who was relatively new to the organization, the UFIT Leadership Cohort provided me with a timely opportunity to create a rapport with my colleagues across UFIT and significantly helped me to create my UFIT network that has assisted me in my day to day work to assist our constituents more efficiently and effectively. Additionally the presence and advice of our CIO during some of these sessions helped reinforce the CIO’s direction for example, stressing on taking responsibility and eliminating “Gator Bounce” for our constituents even if I was not the right person to assist the constituent – and I have found that it culminates with a happy constituent with a great user experience."

Deepak Sharma
Associate Director for Core Infrastructure
UF Information Technology
Let’s all work together to be recognized as a world-class university for academic leadership, student success and research.