Packing Slips & Receipts

All procurment transactions require a receipt, packing slip, or supporting documentation. There are a variety of acceptable documentation. Regardless of format, documents must be legible, contain basic information about the charge, and acknowledge the receipt of goods.

The best documentation include details of the purchase:

  • Unit cost of each item purchased
  • Description of each item purchased
  • Total cost of purchase
  • Vendor name and address
  • Date of purchase and/or date of goods received
  • Electronic or paper receipts and invoices
  • Packing slips (signed and dated)
  • Completed electronic order forms and confirmations from online orders/shopping
  • Snap shots of receipts from a smart device
  • Email or text messages from the cardholder

However, there are a few types of transactions that do not require supporting documentation (because they relate to other transactions which have documentation).  Examples are:

  • International Transaction Fees
  • Offsetting Transactions (where the sum total of the transactions add to zero)
  • Credits for sales tax or similar
  • Agent, baggage, or transportation charges $25.00 and under

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