OPS Hiring

After completing the required forms, please bring them along with your valid identification listed in the forms to the UFIT BC Hiring Staff located in Building 105 (105 NW 16th Street, suite #320, Gainesville, FL 32611).

For All Applicants

Form Instructions
I-9 form Only Section 1 is to be completed by applicant.A list of acceptable identification documents are listed on page 5. Please bring the documents with you when you turn in the paperwork.One valid document from list AorOne valid document from list B andone valid document from list C.Expired documents will not be accepted.
W-4 form Original Social Security Card must be presented.If you do not have a social security card, you will need to bring a letter from the Social Security Office stating that you have applied for a Social Security number.
Direct Deposit form Please bring a voided check attached to the form or a letter from your bank stating your account number and bank routing number.
Four in One form Please do not sign this form until you are in the presence of the Human Resources Representative in UFIT BC office located in Building 105, who will notarize your signature at that time.
Emergency Contact form
OPS Application Form

US Citizen and Permanent Resident Applicants

To be eligible for hire, all males between 18 and 25 years of age must be enrolled in Selective Services.

Retirement Certification Form

Foreign National Applicants

Bring your passport, US Visa, I-94, I-20 (F1 Visa), DS-2019 (J1 Visa) or I-797 & Labor Condition Application (H-1-B).

Foreign National Tax Information Form

Complete the section designated for the individual applicant.