When traveling on business for UF Information Technology these guidelines must also be followed.

The UFIT Travel Information Worksheet is to be submitted via myRequest at least 30 days before your intended departure date. Any travel request submitted within 30 days of your intended departure date requires the approval of your unit Director.

  1. Travel Instruction Guide: This is an information document that explains what is required to process your travel requests. It has links to all of the UFIT Travel forms.
  2. Travel Authorization Worksheet:To be submitted by every traveler for any and all business related travel processed by the UFIT Business Center prior to expenses incurred or arrangements made.
  3. Travel Expense Report Worksheet:To be submitted after returning from a business related trip.
  4. Traveler Profile: This is an information document used by the UFIT Business Center to ensure a more streamlined process when making reservations on UFIT traveler’s behalves.
  5. Traveler Brochure: This is an information document providing guidelines, reminders and tips to the traveler.
  6. Travel FAQ: This is an information guide to frequently asked questions regarding travel and expenses for UFIT employees.

International Travel

In addition to the above forms, please submit the following with your Travel Information Worksheet:

  1. UFIC International Form: Required for all international destinations. A copy of your Team Assist Insurance card is required by the department.