Critical Dates

During this time of the year, we have several holidays approaching which will cause some pay cycles to end early, some pay dates to be early, and for the hiring managers you will see HR deadlines ending early.

For all employees, please take note of the pay cycles that will close early in which you will need to have all time or adjustments entered (including estimated time).  Please wait until the following pay cycle to make your changes if necessary.

Example: For pay cycle 09/22/2017 – 10/05/2017, early closing date is 10/04/2017 (Wednesday) and time will be approved on 10/05/17 (Thursday) by 9:00AM due to Homecoming Holiday on Friday, October 6.  If you entered estimated time for Wednesday 10/04 and/or Thursday 10/05 and did not work either day or need to make adjustments, please wait until the following pay cycle, 10/06/17 – 10/19/17 to make any changes and advise your time approving supervisor.

Any time entered into the system after early pay cycles end will be processed on the following pay cycle for all employees with no exceptions.

Please review both forms and be sure to place reminders on your calendars to make sure you meet the deadlines:

2017 Critical Dates For Payroll Ending and Hiring Dates

Schedule of Paydays and Critical Dates for Fiscal Year