Innovation Square Parking(PDF, 478 KB)

General Parking Guidelines

Innovation Square Parking is enforced Monday through Friday from 8:00 am through 5:00 pm. Several lots are available to UFIT employees and visitors. Sloan Security is responsible for patrolling all parking lots, including Lots A, D and G. They can be contacted at (352) 258-4519 as well as the security desk in the 720 building. Any safety or security issues should be reported immediately to Sloan Security, as well as to the UFIT Business Center HR Team located on the second floor.

720 Building

Loading zones are located on the east and west sides of the building. East side (front entrance) is used solely for dropping off people. The west side (back entrance) is used for service deliveries.

Lot A is located to the east of the 720 building. This is a shared lot among all tenants of the 720 building. Overflow parking is located in Lots D and G.

Lot D is located to the southwest of the 720 building and is the primary lot. 

Lot G is located to the south of the 720 building and should be reserved for overflow. These lots are restricted to UFIT employees and visitors.


Innovation Square Parking Decals

Specifically designed decals are required for Innovation Square parking. Standard UF parking decals are not valid as a means for parking in these lots. In order to obtain Innovation Square parking, Transportation and Parking requires the use of a specialized form containing the signature of a UFIT Business Center HR representative. These forms are completed as part of the onboarding of a new employee.  Current employees can reach out to the UFIT Business Center HR Team to obtain the appropriate documentation prior to visiting the Transportation and Parking Facility.

The following Innovation District decals are available:

BlackLots D & G with no on campus parking.

Green Lots D & G with green parking on campus.

Orange - Lots A, D & G with orange parking on campus.

Hologram Sticker – Lots A, D & G with campus parking to match existing decal restrictions.

(Affixed to Official Business, Gated (Silver), Official Gated (Gold))

Motorcycle - Two spaces are designated as shared motorcycle parking. If there are consistent issues with the availability of motorcycle parking, please report to the UFIT Business Center HR Team. Decal requests should follow TAPS parking regulations ONLY if on campus parking is needed.

Disabled - Seven spaces are designated for disabled parking with an official state disabled parking placard. Decal requests should follow TAPS parking regulations ONLY if on campus parking is needed. 

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking can be accommodated at Innovation Square using the following options. If planning a meeting with more than five visitors, please issue visitor passes for Lots D/G to avoid filling Lot A visitor parking.

Lot A

Reserved VIP Parking – 8 Hour – 2 reserved parking spaces are available for full day parking. These passes are first-come, first-served. These passes must be reserved 24 hours in advance from the 720 building security desk.

2 Hour Visitor spaces – 15 visitor spots are available. If more than two hours are needed, please use Lot D/G visitor parking.

Lot D/G

Temporary placards are available from your unit administrative assistant or the UFIT Business Center HR Team. Please use the official temporary placards to accommodate visitors. Temporary placards can be authorized and emailed to visitors prior to visit.

State Vehicle Parking

State Vehicles may be parked in Lot D. While official reserved spaces do not currently exist, an area will be unofficially identified for these vehicles in order to allow for efficient access. State vehicles operating in a service capacity to the building should use the west side service drive for drop off.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking is available on the west side of the 720 building. If using the bicycle storage space on the 3rd floor, please enter through the service corridor entrance on the west side of the building and walk the bicycle to the storage area, taking care to not damage indoor property.

Overnight Parking

Although there is no decal requirement between 5pm and 8am, overnight parking is not ordinarily permitted.  In the event that overnight parking is needed, please notify the security desk in the 720 building. Overnight parking is at your own risk.

Parking Decal Renewals

Parking decal renewals typically occur in the spring. A process will be developed in early 2020 to address the renewal process.

Waitlist Processing

Waitlist processing procedures will be developed in early 2020, coinciding with the renewal process.

Questions About Parking

If you have questions or concerns regarding Innovation Square parking please submit a ticket in myRequest under the Facilites category.