UFIT’s Service Management internal policy ensures IT service delivery is consistently applied across UFIT as measured against agreed upon quality standards. 


This is an Internal Policy that applies to all functional organizations within UFIT. 


IT Service Management is to be implemented across the organization and follow a single process for: Service Desk [Request Fulfillment and Knowledge Management], Incident Management, Service Catalog, Change Management, Configuration Management, and Problem Management.

UFIT employees are to use the single ITSM Tool platform and follow the standard operating procedures for all of the processes mentioned. 


Senior Directors and Managers are responsible for aligning their unit procedures with the ITSM processes and implementing ITSM processes. The Vice President and CIO is responsible for implementing systems and specifications to facilitate unit compliance with this policy. 


Elias Eldayrie, Vice President and CIO 


UFIT ITSM Program Charter and ITSM Operational Procedures per process