UF Information Technology Trust Agreement

UFIT Trust Agreement (PDF, 88.8 KB)

As of November 26, 2018 and hereafter, we commit to work together to:

Be University Citizens
We can be relied upon to act for the best of the University of Florida.

Have each other’s back, especially during difficult times
We will support each other, even when it is not the highest self-serving priority.

Practice openness and integrity
We will be sincere in our communications and seek to understand. We will offer constructive criticism to help each other improve and accept constructive criticism as a gift. We will embrace constructive conflict and not seek artificial harmony. We will engage in constructive and compassionate debate.

Be reliable, keep commitments and communicate clearly
We will commit thoughtfully and carry through with commitments and communicate in a timely manner when commitments cannot be met.

Be loyal and talk as though the other person is in the room
We will discuss issues with the person involved and guide others to do the same.

Represent the team’s message
We will debate passionately and disagree freely. We will make clear who has input rights and who has decision rights. Once the team direction is decided, we will align and support the decision.

Focus on our core competencies
We will be competent, focus on our core competencies and share knowledge generously. We will act as “solutioneers” to help where we can.

We will reach out with a visit or call if the electronic discussion is escalating in negative way after no more than two electronic exchanges, (like emails).

Respect one another
We will appreciate each other, leverage our differences, and give one another the courtesy of our attention and the benefit of the doubt. We will be humble in our interaction with others.

Hold each other accountable
We hold each other accountable for commitments and actions and confront each other in a professional way about not living up to the agreement.

Work from today forward
Let bygones be bygones…every day is a new day to build trust.

Attitude for gratitude
Express thanks for a job well done.

Lighten up when we need it…have fun working together!

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