UFIT Employment of Relatives Standard

In accordance with the University of Florida’s Employment of Relatives policy (UF Regulation 1.009), UF Information Technology (UFIT) prohibits employment of relatives (as defined in the regulation) within a UFIT department. This standard applies to all full-time and part-time staff and OPS.

For this policy, UFIT departments are:

  • Academic Technology
  • Business Center
  • Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations (EIS and NST combined)
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Information Security
  • Research Computing
  • Technology Support Services

All Employment of Relatives Approval Forms for UFIT employees now require signature by the Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

Special notice should be given to UF Regulation 1.009, “In cases where a familial relationship is formed after initial employment, the new status must be reported and addressed by a mitigation plan.” Reporting of this status change should be reported to the UFIT Business Center within a reasonable time period, not to exceed one month from time of the action.

This standard will not be imposed on existing employment relationships, provided proper documentation defining the relationship was completed. Employees have one month from the effective date (Sept. 15, 2016) of this standard to submit documentation of relationship to be considered grandfathered under this policy.

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