Effective Date: November 1, 2018 

This policy standardizes a dress code across UFIT units. 

The UF HR Employee Handbook states: “...it is clearly expected that all employees will dress professionally and in a manner consistent with the university’s public agency corporate environment.”

The Policy

UFIT is adopting a minimum standard dress code coined “UFIT Business Casual”.  UFIT Business Casual uses “Business Casual” as a basis with allowances for certain more casual items such as nice-looking jeans and conservative athletic shoes.  For more information see the accompanying Employee Guidelines. 

Clothing is expected to be clean, in good shape and free from visible rips, tears, holes or other heavy wear.

For security reasons UFIT employees are expected to possess their Gator 1 Card when on the job site. 

This minimum standard dress code applies to employees whenever and wherever they represent UFIT. Exceptions to this standard dress code are available based on job duty and circumstance.


UFIT is a diverse workforce; accordingly, allowances for exceptions from the UFIT Business Casual standard are to align employees’ attire with clothing appropriate to their duties.  Exceptions should be accomplished by working with an employee’s manager and unit leadership.

Examples of appropriate exceptions:

  • Circumstances related to employee health, ability, religion, and other categories that warrant a reasonable accommodation.
  • Positions which utilize a uniform
  • Job duties requiring outdoor or physical labor, or additional safety concerns
  • Circumstance requiring work outside of normally scheduled work hours, e.g. on-call and incident response
  • Telecommuting
  • Student employees
  • Team spirit Friday

Special Circumstances


​​Employees in areas of UFIT which specify a uniform are expected to wear the uniform designated for their operational unit. These uniforms should not be altered. It is expected that the uniforms will be clean and presentable when the employee reports for work.

Personal Protective Equipment

Your uniform may be considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) based on your operational unit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are wearing the appropriate PPE at all times it is required. If you are uncertain as to whether PPE is required for the task you are performing, you must contact your supervisor before proceeding to make the appropriate determination.


If clothing fails to meet these standards, the employee will be asked not to wear the inappropriate item to work again and may be sent home to change clothes.

Employee Guidelines

Please use the following tips and guidelines for direction and clarity:

UFIT Business Casual

UFIT is specifying “business casual” attire as the basis for the “UFIT Business Casual” dress code. UFIT Business Casual includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Pants, skirts, dresses, or jeans
  • Blouses, button-up shirts, collared shirts, or collarless polo shirt
  • Loafers, mules, dressy clogs, boots, flats, dress heels, dress sandals, leather deck-type shoes, conservative athletic or walking shoes, and office sneakers.

Tips for meeting the dress code include:

  • Dress for your day.  Have a look at your calendar and bear in mind the people you will interact with; dress accordingly.
  • If you have questions or concerns talk with your manager to help clarify expectations.
  • If you’re unsure if it’s okay to wear a particular item, don’t wear it.
  • When operating outside of their usual office area, employees are encouraged to display their Gator 1 Card by wearing it on their person using a belt clip, pocket clip, or lanyard.

Inappropriate Items

Certain items are not appropriate work attire in UFIT:

  • Items bearing controversial or offensive graphics or slogans
  • Overalls, sweats, workout clothes or jogging suits
  • Form fitting or revealing clothes unless covered with an appropriate top or bottom
  • Pajamas and other bedroom attire
  • Flip-flops and slippers 


Shorts: Shorts are inappropriate in the office setting.  As outlined in the policy exceptions, areas with outside and/or physical work requirements may choose to allow shorts as an approved exception, provided that there is no increased risk of physical injury. 

Jeans: Jeans are permitted if they are clean and in good shape without rips or visible wear and have a fit similar to slacks or dress pants.  

T-shirts: T-shirts are inappropriate in the office setting unless part of an outfit with a covering blouse, shirt, jacket, or dress.  As outlined in the policy exceptions, areas with outside and/or physical work requirements may choose to allow t-shirts as an approved exception.

Athletic Clothing: UF encourages employees to participate in fitness activities, including walking, working out, and biking to and from the office.  Accordingly, UFIT acknowledges that attire appropriate for these activities will be worn in transition to and from the office. 

Scents: Please use perfumes, colognes, and other scents with restraint as others may be quite sensitive to these items.

Video Conference Meetings: While attending video conference meetings representing UFIT, employees are expected to follow the UFIT Business Casual dress code. 

Team Spirit Fridays: Anyone wishing to wear team color t-shirts and sweatshirts on Friday is encouraged to do so. 

Dress Code Enforcement: The purpose of the UFIT dress code is to help employees understand what is expected of them when they dress for work. Dress code enforcement is UFIT management's responsibility.

Manager Guidelines

  • Work to ensure your staff have a clear understanding of what’s expected in your area.
  • Work to fairly and consistently enforce the dress code.
  • Address problems respectfully, directly, and with specificity.  A direct approach will be more effective than offering vague generalities that dodge the actual problem.
  • If you need an employee to dress up for a special occasion (meeting, presentation, etc.), be sure to communicate this expectation clearly and well in advance of the occasion.