1. Purchases of at least $1,000 - Any agreements containing terms and conditions, or other such verbiage, including Maintenance Agreements, Software License Agreements, etc., requiring signature must be forwarded to Procurement Services where they will be reviewed and signed.
  2. Purchases of at least $5,000 - Purchases of at least $5,000 require a purchase order. Below $5,000 purchases can be made with a purchase order (PO), P-Card, or be made unencumbered if they are allowable (see the unencumbered list).
  3. Purchases below $10,000 - It shall be the Procurement Agent's discretion whether quotes are needed on purchases below $10,000. Quotations are encouraged whenever possible.
  4. Purchases $10,000-$74,999 - Written quotes from three or more vendors or written justification why quotations were not obtained. The requisition file shall be documented prior to the processing of a purchase order by the Procurement Agent as to the circumstances when competitive quotes are not obtained.
  5. Purchases of $75,000 and above:
    • Formal competitive bids, (ITB/RFP/ITN) are required on purchases of commodities, contractual services, deferred payment and revenue generating contracts in excess of $74,999. A formal two-party contract may be required for contract services. For the purposes of determining the bidding threshold the total cost of the requirement may include any options, add or deduct alternates, and trade-ins, for the life of the contract.
    • Commodities or contractual services available only from a single source, may be exempted from the bid requirements when the University certifies and documents that there is only one source of supply capable of meeting all specifications, terms and conditions to the University's satisfaction.
    • Software license agreements that exceed the $75,000 level will be forwarded by Procurement Services to the University's General Counsel Office for review prior to being signed by Procurement Services. The Procurement Coordinator will notify the department when this occurs.
  6. Purchases of $100,000 and above - The President or his designee may require a Payment and Performance {P&P) Bond on contracts for the construction of any public building or for repairs on any public building or public work between $100,000 and $200,000. Projects in excess of $200,000 must require a Payment and Performance Bond. NOTE: It is good practice to require a P&P bond whenever the project exceeds $100,000.
  7. Purchases of $150,000 and above:
    • Contractual Service Contracts for greater than $150,000 must be reviewed by the General Counsel.
    • Invitations to Bid, Requests for Proposal and Invitations to Negotiate for commodities expected to be in excess of $150,000 shall be advertised. The venue is selected by the purchasing Coordinator and may include the University Procurement website, the Florida Administrative Weekly, or Florida Communities Network. The Procurement Director has the authority to waive the advertisement requirement when the number of potential bidders or proposers is limited and can otherwise be solicited, when the availability of funding requires or where delivery is urgent.
  8. Purchases of $200,000 and above - A construction project exceeding $200,000 must be advertised in the Florida Administrative Weekly for a period of 21 days.
  9. Purchases of$1,000,000 and above- All purchases in excess of$1 million will be reviewed and approved by the President. For contracts and software license agreements, the contract will be processed by Procurement with legal review and involvement. When completed and signed by the vendor, it will be transmitted with cover memo to the Vice President, Finance and Administration for delivery to the President.

For futher information on monetary levels and limits please visit the UF Procurment website at: https://procurement.ufl.edu/uf-departments/directives-procedures/