The University of Florida is dedicated to developing and maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers to assure timely and efficient delivery of products and services to our various campus locations.                                                                                   

In our continuing efforts to improve our procure-to-pay stream of work, the University of Florida has updated its Accounts Payable software and related processes.  These changes will provide a more streamlined and efficient process while facilitating timely and accurate payments. It is imperative that invoices submitted for payment are done so adhering to the requirements below.

All invoices for payment should be submitted to the University of Florida via:

E-Mail: E-Mail a .pdf or .tif file to 

            The file must be attached to the email and not embedded within the email

            There can be multiple files per email but each file should only contain one invoice


Mail to: UF - Accounts Payable

             PO Box 115350

             971 Elmore Drive

             Gainesville, FL 32611-5350

All invoices will need to contain either a UF purchase order number or the 8-digit department ID number of the department with which you are doing business.

DO NOT SEND monthly statements, P-Card receipts or order confirmations into the accounts payable system. If you need to send any of these to UF, they should continue to be mailed to the departmental address. Also, DO NOT SEND multiple copies of invoices into the system as this will delay payment.

There are many departments at the University. The departmental “ship to” address should be used to mail all correspondence other than invoices for payment.

Non-compliance to the above invoicing instructions will result in a delay of invoice processing and payment. 

Furthermore, please do not email with questions, as this is a system e-mail address and no reply will be made. Should you need further clarification, please email or call 352-392-1241.